There are hundreds of websites having to do with Vietnam and I have bookmarked many of them for myself. The following sites are but a few: This was the website of the late Gerry Schooler. He was a draftee veteran a SP4 with Co A, 2nd Bn, 27th Inf Reg, 25th Inf Div, 67-68, Wolfhounds, "Nec Aspera Terrent (No Fear on Earth)".   He was awarded the Bronze Star (Heroism), at this link scroll down to the Bronze Star column.  He arranged all my trips back to Vietnam. He became a great friend and we shared many incredible experiences on those trips back when he could come with me. Sadly, his time in Vietnam during the war exposed him to Agent Orange and he was diagnosed with Parkinson's.

If you were a collector of memorabilia from Vietnam, this was the site for you. Gerry got me to places that no one else could at that time. Gerry made well over 20 trips back.

Follow this link to a podcast in which Gerry talks about his time as a tunnel rat. He is the second interview. this is a webpage by Bob Skwaryk that is about "Bravo Company 1st BN/20th INFANTRY at LZ LIZ, Duc Pho, and Mo Duc Viet Nam 1969-71. Declassified S2/S3 journals, maps and photos from the National Archives and unit personnel". A really great no frills site with plenty of information provided by the hard work and research of Bob Skwaryk including information on the WHITE CONG--see the Vietnam Journeys Diary section on Rumors, Lies, Legends, Facts and Fiction "White Cong". "The Official Website of The A-1 Skyraider Association". "This gallery is dedicated to the Breaker Patrol.
Breaker was an Alpha Company patrol that was inserted Northwest of Khe Sanh Combat Base on 9 May 1967. The patrol was hit during its first night. Four members of the patrol and a helicopter pilot were killed before the three survivors were finally extracted on 10 May. Larry Vetter's book Never Without Heroes has a very good account of the Breaker Patrol." I had hoped to get into this area after we had prowled around Hill 861 but we didn't have time. This is a definite must find area on another trip back. UPDATE: May 2005, the missing members of this patrol have been found and returned to the United States for military burial. Check this link for details and use Google with the search phrase "Breaker Patrol found".  This is huge collection of all photos Vietnam.  Lots of historical photos and photos of the war with the U.S. At near 140,000 images it takes a while to go through.  It has a good Search function.