Vietnam Journeys "Places", page 1
While hiking to Hamburger Hill we passed through several villages in the Ashau Valley. This villager still uses a B-52 bomb crater as a duck pond.
In April 1994, thanks to Gerry Schooler of Viet Tour Expeditions (on the left), I made it to the top of Hamburger Hill. There was still alot of relics of the battle scattered around. Check out the Diary section for an account of my travels to this battle site.
While we were looking around the old Special Forces Camp at Lang Vei these three guys came out of the weeds with this large dud artillery round strapped to a pole. It probably came from the NVA guns at Co Roc. They said they would haul it into Khe Sanh village and get about $50 for the powder inside and the steel casing. The last I saw of them they were bouncing down Highway 9 in an ox cart with the round strapped in the back.
My brother, Steve, riding a bike down the center of the Ashau Valley about 2 miles south of Aloui.
My brother on the right and I, posing in Dong Ha at the intersection of Highway One and Highway 9.
Steve breaking through the low brush just across the river from The Rockpile. We walked all around the base of it looking for a way up to no avail.